How a Pre Pack Administration Can Help a Troubled Company

pre-packed-adminstrationA pre pack administration is rising in popularity as one of the most effective business recovery options there are. It is considered as a huge savior by many troubled companies and to find out the reason behind that, you better read on.

The Business Recovery Professionals in the UK defines pre packs as arrangements under which the trade of the entire or a fraction of a business or its assets is negotiated with a purchase preceding the appointment of an administrator who in turn will effect the sale straight away or shortly after his or her appointment.

A pre pack administration is a restructuring method that allows troubled businesses, entities that are likely to be under insolvency and those at a high risk of dissolution and/or bankruptcy to sell part of or the entire company to a buyer, oftentimes to one of its directors, to a trade buyer or to a third party, where it will then operate under new management and under a new name. In some arrangements, a buy back will be included in the contract.

Its use has been popular for troubled companies due to a number of factors. Listed below are a few of the many.

  • It promotes business continuity as it strengthens the entity’s going concern. Entities at high risk of insolvency and bankruptcy often turn to immediate liquidations. There’s nothing wrong with that except if you don’t want to give up your hard work just yet. A pre pack allows operations to continue and the company to recover.
  • It helps save employment. The restructuring may call for a few layoffs particularly that of redundant positions. This is still good considering that in liquidations, everyone loses their income sources.
  • It retains brand image. Continuation of business says a lot for a troubled company. It means that you are still fighting through, finding means to recover and doing your best to make ends meet. Once your company has been dubbed as bankrupt, there is no more going back.
  • It invigorates trust and confidence among each member of the organization. Employers saving jobs, directors finding solutions to problems and employees participating in every way they could boosts morale within the organization. Manpower has a lot to do with the success of every company.
  • It also helps preserve creditor relationship and standing. A pre pack administration provides a bigger return to creditors than that achieved by liquidations. Truth be told, creditors will prefer the company to continue and pick up so that it can pay them in full than close down and pay them partially with the balance written off.

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Tibetan Meditation and Healing

tibetan-meditationTibet is a vast country, situated between India and the Himalayas in the South and China in the east. The culture and traditions of the country was heavily influenced by the introduction of Buddhism from India so and so that much of Tibet’s culture and history is tied with its philosophy and beliefs. Tibetan Meditation for one is a technique or practice associated with Buddhist philosophy and fosters physical and mental healing as well as spiritual growth.

Before starting, practitioners ideally ensure the availability of a handful of things. In traditional Tibetan culture, the people’s lifestyle was closely tied with the earth and with Mother Nature which is why the aforementioned meditation technique calls for a serene and peaceful environment without the distractions of modern technology. This is why switching off phones and other gadgets are necessary but the presence of relaxing music inducing to meditation is allowed.

Tibetan meditation is also best practiced early morning when the body is not yet too tired or stressed out. The room must neither be too hot nor too cold. Practitioners start off on a comfortable sitting position while donning on loose and comfortable clothing for ease in movement.

The back must be kept straight and posture kept. Movement should be minimal albeit the body must feel comfortable and relaxed. The head is held up but slightly bent forward with teeth slightly apart and one’s tongue against the upper pallet or roof of your mouth. Eyes are closed or slightly open. As for the hands, they are placed in one’s lap while the legs are either crossed or if one can achieve it, in full lotus position. Breathing is done through the stomach or navel and not the chest.

In Tibetan Meditation, one must be relaxed but also attentive especially with regard to one’s thoughts and mind.