Tibetan Meditation and Healing

tibetan-meditationTibet is a vast country, situated between India and the Himalayas in the South and China in the east. The culture and traditions of the country was heavily influenced by the introduction of Buddhism from India so and so that much of Tibet’s culture and history is tied with its philosophy and beliefs. Tibetan Meditation for one is a technique or practice associated with Buddhist philosophy and fosters physical and mental healing as well as spiritual growth.

Before starting, practitioners ideally ensure the availability of a handful of things. In traditional Tibetan culture, the people’s lifestyle was closely tied with the earth and with Mother Nature which is why the aforementioned meditation technique calls for a serene and peaceful environment without the distractions of modern technology. This is why switching off phones and other gadgets are necessary but the presence of relaxing music inducing to meditation is allowed.

Tibetan meditation is also best practiced early morning when the body is not yet too tired or stressed out. The room must neither be too hot nor too cold. Practitioners start off on a comfortable sitting position while donning on loose and comfortable clothing for ease in movement.

The back must be kept straight and posture kept. Movement should be minimal albeit the body must feel comfortable and relaxed. The head is held up but slightly bent forward with teeth slightly apart and one’s tongue against the upper pallet or roof of your mouth. Eyes are closed or slightly open. As for the hands, they are placed in one’s lap while the legs are either crossed or if one can achieve it, in full lotus position. Breathing is done through the stomach or navel and not the chest.

In Tibetan Meditation, one must be relaxed but also attentive especially with regard to one’s thoughts and mind.

Transcendental Meditation Classes for Beginners

enroll in transcendental meditation classesIf you are looking for a means to relieve stress and relax while bringing all sorts of benefits to the mind, soul and body then you might want to consider Transcendental Meditation classes. Now you’re scratching you’re head in complete wonder. What is it?

For starters, Transcendental Meditation or TM is a type of practice originating from ancient Vedic and Hindu practices which aim to put oneself in a deep state of calm and relaxation. It combines meditation with yogic practices and mantra for a full effect. TM was first brought to the US and Europe by Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during the 1960s and since then, its popularity spread all throughout the world.

The charm of Transcendental Meditation lies in its ease. All that you have to do is close your eyes, go into a comfortable position (e.g. sitting down), meditate and repeat a mantra. It’s simple and yet it brings about numerous benefits. It is because of this ease in practice that TM has been a favorite among everyone including pregnant women and the elderly who cannot perform as much activities as others could.

The benefits of enrolling in Transcendental Meditation classes can be divided into categories depending on which aspect they bring wellbeing to: mind, body and spirit.

TM encourages pensive thoughts and allows oneself to look deeper within. From here you gain a better traction and understanding not only about yourself but also about the people around you and your environment in general. Furthermore, it promotes optimism and positive thinking. It helps vanquish all that negative energy and replaces it with good vibes.

As for the body, Transcendental Meditation helps improve hearth health. It normalizes one’s blood pressure and reduces the likelihood of stroke. It improves metabolism and digestion, decreases unhealthy food cravings and aids in the achievement of a positive and healthy self image through better weight management. The brain function also heightens, memory is improved, focus gets a boost, creativity is increased and productivity amplified. One sleeps better too as rest is improved while insomnia and other sleep ailments are ridden off.

Transcendental Meditation classes aid the spirit too. The calm, peace and tranquility provide it with a means to reboot and replenish. With all the stress factors that each one of us is subjected to on a daily basis, we can’t help but feel drained out not just by physical energy but also spiritual health.

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Are Transcendental Meditation Classes Safe for Pregnancy

pregnancy-meditationWhen a woman is pregnant, a lot of things have to be taken cautiously and with great care. Take it from the ladies who have given birth. It’s not easy and it doesn’t end after nine months. It sure doesn’t. Add into that all the health requirements and safety precautions that one has to do before giving birth. Now aside from eating healthy, a good amount of relaxation and exercise must be present too in which case Transcendental Meditation classes can really be of huge benefit.

Transcendental Meditation or TM has been around for such a long time now. It officially became prominent during the 1960s when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi first brought it to the shores of the USA. It is a technique that combines mantra, yoga and meditation that brings a person to a state of deep relaxation, harmony and ease. Its major benefit is holistic wellbeing. That is health not only for the body but for the mind, thoughts, emotions and spirit as well.

The first question that comes to mind is whether or not Transcendental Meditation classes are safe during pregnancy. As a matter of fact it is. Many doctors will attest to this. Even if certain yogic practices are present in the practice of TM, these are still easy and will not create any fuss. Imagine this. Even the elderly can enroll in TM classes and not worry about safety. It’s easy to follow and will not require complicated poses and activities.

Apart from its safety features, Transcendental Meditation brings numerous benefits that are target specific to expecting mothers. This includes the minimization of pregnancy symptoms and discomforts. We have leg cramps, backaches, protruded varicose veins, spider veins, hemorrhoids, morning sickness, dizziness and mood swings to name a few. It even helps with easier delivery of the baby. The pain that a mother undergoes through this stage is immense and pretty much hard to explain. One will need all the help they can get to alleviate even the smallest of pain. Additionally, it promotes self esteem and confidence. Admit it or not, some women feel terrible and forlorn during this period and will look at themselves poorly. Plus, food cravings are regulated and directed to healthier choices.

Transcendental Meditation classes are a good way to help promote health to pregnant women and should be considered if you are expecting child.

Why Meditate? Meditation-london.com Clues Us In

Men-and-meditationAnd so the question begs, why must one meditate? Why do you have to allocate important minutes of your day doing it? How can one benefit from it? Find out the answers as Meditation-london.com clues us in on all the answers.

Stress is something that is very much present in our lives. It can come in varying natures: physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual. Meditation brings in a lot of harmony to the mind, the body and the soul. Furthermore it incorporates peace and relaxation. It’s perfectly calming and is a very effective stress buster to chase the blahs and blues away. As Sogyal Rinpoche once quoted, “The whole of meditation practice can be essentialized into these three crucial points: Bring your mind home. Release. Relax.” We don’t see why anyone would not want that!

Our bodies are also exposed to so much toil and labor. Even the mind is. This eventually reflects in the physical as we can feel tired and burnt out. What’s the best fix? Sleep and rest of course. However, ironic as it is the body may become restless and make dozing off such a huge chore instead of something that comes to you naturally. There are people too who find it hard to stay asleep or suffer from insomnia. Meditating helps fix those dilemmas and make you have a good night’s sleep and even a beneficial nap too!

It rejuvenates you. To become better in what we do may it be in school or at work, one has to be fully rejuvenated and refreshed. This pertains not only to ideas, innovations and creativity but also energy and health wise. The practice also aids in physical wellbeing especially with regard to the circulatory and digestive systems. Remember that you are a vessel. If you keep taking out and using then eventually you’d hit rock bottom. You don’t want that.

Meditating helps eliminate negative thoughts and emotions and in exchange bring in positivity. Sharon Salzberg once said that “Dedicating some time to meditation is a meaningful expression of caring for yourself that can help you move through the mire of feeling unworthy of recovery. As your mind grows quieter and more spacious, you can begin to see self-defeating thought patterns for what they are, and open up to other, more positive options.”  Depression, anxiety and pessimism can creep in and you need to battle that out otherwise you’ll never enjoy the beauty that is life.

So, has Meditation-london.com answered your questions?

Signs of Quality Driven Transcendental Meditation London Courses

meditation-courseIf you are looking for a means to relax your mind, distress from all the hustles and bustles of your busy day, improve your physical well being and free yourself from negative energies and blues, then you might find it interesting to enroll in Transcendental Meditation London courses in your area. Of course, you cannot simply enroll in just about any course out there. You need to scout for the best and to do that the following list will come in quite handy. So go on and peruse on the following signs of quality driven Transcendental Meditation London courses to ensure that you get only the best.

Knowledgeable Instructors – It is imperative that the TM instructors have a firm grasp about the practice, how it is done, the benefits that it has and how to assist and teach students. Training and education should have been and are continuously provided for them to improve and maintain their craft.

Well Trained Personnel – Apart from the instructors, all other staff and personnel should be well trained with their own respective duties and responsibilities. Just like any organization, proper job allocation should be present and every employee should be well qualified for their positions regardless if they belong to rank and file or supervisory positions.

Adequate Space – TM is a combination of meditation, mantra repetition and certain yogic practices which will require ample space for every participant. Apart from that the area should exude an aura of peace, harmony and tranquility to contribute to the relaxation objectives of the meditation technique. It should be well kept, cleaned and maintained.

Happy Customers – Another way to determine if a Transcendental Meditation London course is really good is to check on what their customers have to say. If you have friends, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances who have enrolled themselves in one, it would be best if you ask them about their experience. This way you will get first hand opinion. This will also help you gauge the quality of services being offered. Remember that quality TM courses equal happy customers.

Raving Feedback and Reviews – If you don’t personally know anyone who have tried or enrolled in Transcendental Meditation London courses then your next option is to research for online feedback and reviews from forums, blogs and relevant websites. Just see to it that the sites you visit are credible and trustworthy.



Ailments Avoided with the Help of Transcendental Meditation London

transcendental-meditation-londonEnrolling in Transcendental Meditation London have been said to bring about a number of health benefits physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As for the physical part, TM has been proven to help reduce the risks of certain ailments and diseases. Listed below are a few of these.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

A progressive mental decline due to generalized degeneration of the brain that could further bring premature senility, Alzheimer’s is one of the many ailments most common when people reach middle or old age.

  • Short Term Memory Loss

When an individual suffers from short-term memory loss, he or she can remember incidents from years back but is hazy about the details of events that occurred a few minutes earlier. Apart from injuries, a lack of oxygen to the brain, alcohol and drug abuse as well as certain medical conditions can cause this.

  • Anxiety or Panic Attacks and Depression

Anxiety or panic attacks are sudden episodes of extreme fear that sets off severe physical reactions like profuse sweating, palpitations and stress even if in reality one is far from harm’s way. Some episodes are so intense that people believe they are getting a heart attack, fainting or worse of all dying. Depression on the other hand is a type of mood disorder that causes an unrelenting feeling of grief and sadness and can greatly affect a person’s way of thinking and doing things. It can lead to a number of other problems the worse of which would be suicide.

  • Insomnia and Other Sleep Problems

Most people need seven to eight hours of rest but this can vary from one person to another. Insomnia is a disorder that can make it hard for someone to fall asleep, to stay asleep or both despite having all the opportunity for ample rest. Suffering from it can make you feel tired and worn out bringing in low energy levels, poor productivity, low brain function, bad mood and various physical ailments.

  • Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is a condition wherein the pancreas creates little to zero insulin. Type 2 on the other hand is where the body produces insulin but either it does not make enough or the body cannot use it well thus referred to as insulin resistance. Regardless of type, diabetes causes abnormal blood glucose levels which is a serious threat to one’s health.

Remember these are only some of the many ailments that Transcendental Meditation London courses can help minimize the risk of if not fully eradicate.