Pros and Cons to Glass as Internal Sliding Doors

glass doorsWhen it comes to options for internal sliding doors, glass usually does not make the top spot. But as the times changed and the rise of technology, condominiums and high rise buildings came about, that has changed by a significant lot. Does this mean you have to switch to glass too? Maybe and maybe not. We’re bound to have different needs after all and what may seem like the best choice for one may not stand true for another and vice versa.

So to help you better make that decision and answer the aforementioned question, here’s a list of pros and cons to using internal glass sliding doors.


  • It helps enlarge rooms. Because they not only reflect images and allow more natural light into the space, glass as internal sliding doors also does not cut through the space providing for what we call fluid visual continuity.
  • It saves up in floor space. With the above mentioned plus the fact that they require zero swing room, they can function while also saving up on several feet of floor space for which we can utilize for other purposes, furniture and equipment.
  • It makes spaces feel less divided. Where traditional doors create a physical and visual division, glass allows rooms to feel more cohesive and one. Additionally, they can easily combine multiple areas into a bigger space simply by opening them in full.
  • It looks sleek, modern and minimalist. This needs no further explanation.
  • It is easy to maintain. Glass does not corrode and to clean them you only need a damp cloth and a spray bottle of cleaning solution. They do not rust or stain too.


  • It doesn’t provide full privacy. Glass is mostly see through so it may not be the perfect fit for areas like bathrooms and bedrooms. However, the glass can be tweaked to provide a bit more privacy as with sanded, frosted and stained finishes.
  • It can cost a bit more. They’re not exactly expensive but they do have a higher value than most traditional wooden doors we’ve been accustomed to.
  • It takes more to install. Internal sliding doors, glass or not, requires more work to put in. It is also far easier to install in a newly built room or property than to add to an already existing one thereby requiring the help of professionals, or at least someone with experience, for most cases.

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