On Choosing the Right Color of Pocket Doors

pocket-doorsPocket doors pertain to a specific type of sliding door that disappears once fully open into a compartment or “pocket” in the adjacent wall. This type is highly favored for its space saving features as it needs no swing room to allow access. Plus, its architectural effect adds a different kind of visual and functional flair to any space.

There are many types of pocket doors and it already takes a while to come to terms with one that fits our needs and wants. Unfortunately it does not end there and this applies regardless of the fixture involved. What is it? Color.

You see, choosing the colors for our pocket doors isn’t some random petty task. Perhaps it won’t take as much of a decision process as we would allocate say buying a house or a piece of appliance but it’s an important one nonetheless.

So we took it upon ourselves to ask the professionals aka the interior designers, decorators and even the real estate agents for some tips and advice. Here are the points they graciously gave us from their bag of tricks.

    • Know how colors work. Just because you like red doesn’t mean it would be the best pick for your pocket doors. It needs to be able to integrate with and complement its environment especially the style of the room or structure that the fixtures are in. Learn the basics of the color wheel for starters.
    • Consider your preference. After learning what hues work and won’t work, find out which among the available selection in the market suits your style best. At the end of the day, the color you pick should still suit your likes or it’ll just end up being an eye sore to you.

  • Look for inspiration. When you feel clueless and confused, you can look up the internet for some inspiration. Make sure to save or pin those that you like and see which ones would work best on your pocket doors and the space at hand.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around. Traditionally, pocket doors come in a single solid hue but that is no longer the case. With modern technology, they already come in an assortment of styles and colors. You can have them painted or stained. You can choose to use multiple colors or even go bold with some prints.

Learn more about pocket doors here: https://www.doors4uk.co.uk/What-is-a-pocket-door.