5 Reasons to Go for Internal French Doors

french doorsThe dictionary defines internal French doors as fixtures within a structure that allows entry and exit, divides space and is characterized by glass panes throughout its length. While known for their elegance and visuals, they do much more than just look pretty. Today we give you five reasons why you should go for it stat. 

1. It looks sleek and elegant.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, internal French doors are the epitome of luxury and elegance in space. They’re timeless and decades of existence is proof to that. They’ve been around since the Victorian era and we don’t think they’re going away anywhere soon. We don’t want them to either. Additionally, they come in various designs, sizes and materials which make a them easy to integrate in any space regardless of size and style.

2. They’re a great transitional piece.

Because they do not create a visual divide across spaces and instead provides a continuity in visual flow, it has become a favorite transitional piece for many. They too are able to combine complementary rooms thus allowing for bigger spaces when needed. Examples are the kitchen and dining areas, living rooms and patios, as well as bedrooms and walk-in closets.

3. They expand space.

With their glass panels comes an enhanced sense of space. As mentioned earlier, they don’t create a visual divide. This they achieve while also able to separate one room from the other. Cool huh? Their ability to better illuminate spaces and reflect not just light but also images create the illusion of bigger and brighter rooms. This is great especially for properties with limited space. Besides, why would we want it any other way?

4. They illuminate rooms better.

Glass is a favored material when it comes to space because of its ability to better distribute light. It doesn’t end it or limit it but rather extend it. Internal French doors also helps reflect it which amplifies its effects. Ever wondered why chandeliers come with crystals? It’s the same notion.

5. They help with utility bills.

Internal French doors are great at reducing one’s monthly utility bills. While it’s true that this depends on a room to room basis, it still plays a significant role in regulating room temperature and power efficiency. But how? They’re effectivity in governing entryway traffic helps maximize air retention and as such helps keep heat or coolness at the right level. That and item number four.

Internal French Doors are Très Chic

internal-french-doorsThere’s something about internal French doors that make them très chic or in other words very stylish. But what makes them an even more appealing option is that they combine beauty with function. After all, doors should work as they should: a movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, or wardrobe. Internal French doors do just about that and more.

To better illustrate, let’s first discuss their physical parts and built. In essence, French doors basically consist of a frame around one or more transparent or translucent panels, known as lights or lites, that may be installed singly, in matching pairs, or even as a series. They are often installed by pairs and swings out from the center of the door opening.

The reason why internal French doors are popular is because they separate two spaces all while still allowing visual connection between them. It therefore offers a sweet spot between division and continuity, privacy and transparency.  They create this smooth transition between rooms or even between the interiors and the outdoors.

The trouble with most properties, especially those smaller in size, is that the physical and deliberate division created by doors and walls cut through the space making it look even smaller than they already are. The glass or sometimes mosaic allows not just a visual treat but also a reflective characteristic that helps make rooms appear bigger. They also allow light, natural or artificial, to pass through easily. This helps in illumination, in brightening up a room so they look less closed-in, and essentially for the illusion of bigger spaces.

Let’s not forget how they can help when it comes to saving up on utility costs as tenants or residents can simply heat or cool a specific part of the space as needed and these doors will help keep the warmth or the coolness in. Oh and it can even keep the noise out!

And unlike full glass panels and doors, internal French doors still allow some privacy which is a huge concern for many when it comes to properties. They have the option to be fitted with opaque or tinted glass.

Because they look stylish, internal French doors can add so much personality and aura into any space, residential or commercial alike. They’re more than just the average door that connects or separates spaces. They can function and stay chic at the same time. Cool huh?

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