Trentham Running Club

Message from the President

A welcome message from the President

May I thank you for visiting our website, and whether you are thinking of becoming a member, or just visiting the area, you would be most welcome to join us for a training run.
If you are a seasoned runner, or a beginner, or somewhere in between, you will find a group to suit you.
The club was formed in 1989 and is renowned for its friendliness.
A Brief History of Trentham Running Club
In June 1989, Don Shelly (Potteries Marathon Race Director) contacted me about starting a running club in Trentham as there wasn`t a club in the south of the City, and also he hoped the members would assist in the organisation of his race which was held annually in Trentham Gardens. 
I ran the idea past my running pal Dave Clarke and a meeting was held at Trentham R.U.F.C. on 4th July to gauge interest. The rugby club was full to overflowing, and the club was founded and the first training session was held on 6th July 1989 with 60+ members taking to the streets. We were not carried away by this initial boom as it was obvious most were not runners at all but people who just fancied having a go. Fortunately there was a core of half a dozen or so established runners. Slowly but surely, the numbers dwindled and we even lost Don. By Christmas the honeymoon period was over and we were down to just 10 die-hards.
In March 1990, due to a personal conflict between one of our members and a Rugby Club Member, we moved our HQ to Hem Heath Miners Welfare.
The first year there was bleak and when we had our AGM in February 1991 with just 3 of us present, it was motioned to disband. However, we decided to give it another 12 months and if there was no improvement, we would call it a day.
Miraculously in 1991, things did turn around. We got some new members, notably Dale Colclough, whose ability and enthusiasm rubbed off on us all, and by the next AGM in February 1992, we had nearly 50 members and 100% turnout at the Trentham Hotel (probably due to the free Guiness promotion!)
In 1993, the mine closed, and the club with it, and we had to go back cap in hand to the Rugby Club who welcomed our return with open arms. 
1994 to 1998 was probably our most successful period. During this time, we won the Staffordshire Cross Country Championships, winning a trophy with such illustrious names as Tipton and Birchfield etc on it. In 1998, Dale Colclough won the Potteries Marathon (what a night that was!) and we were joined by England International Richard O. Keefe.
We now had in excess of 100 members and so established were we by now, that when PMAC disbanded in 1999, their entire membership joined us. The sudden explosion of members did cause initial problems but after a year and a little natural wastage, we were down to a membership of about 150. In 2000, the Rugby Club moved to a purpose built new premises and we moved with them.
2004 was a difficult year. Two of our most influential members ? Bill Brown and Cliff Knowles - sadly died. We lost our long serving secretary and our vastly experienced race director within the space of 6 months. Also that year, a few members decided their running needs would be better catered for elsewhere. They went with our blessing and they are always welcome back.
By Christmas 2005, numbers had returned to previous levels and most pleasingly, thanks to Lionel`s Ladies, the percentage of female runners had risen from 11% to 29%.
So in 17 years we`ve had loads of ups and the odd downs, but one thing that has stayed consistent is the fun aspect of Trentham Running Club.